Led by an industry veteran who invests material personal capital alongside members

Portage was founded in 2010 by Michael Leffell, former Co-Head of Distressed Investing and Deputy Executive Managing Member of Davidson Kempner, as a family office focused on compounding and diversifying wealth in private markets.

Michael Leffell

Founder & Chairman

Sam Klatt

Chief Investment Officer

With significant experience in our target market

Over the years, Portage expanded to include a select group of partners and senior executives at large-scale alternative investment firms.

In 2022, we evolved into 10 East and expanded access to our investment firm with a new membership model enabling members to invest alongside our partners.

10 East leverages our private network and collective resources in pursuit of compounding and diversifying wealth for its members

Strategic sourcing network

Of industry leaders and programmatic partners

Dedicated investment team

With decades of experience

Institutional due diligence

Systematic process to focus investment selection

Events and thought leadership

To leverage the value of our network

We align economic interests

We understand our Members' unique needs

We respect our Members' time

We guard our Members' privacy

Select investors are invited to apply for membership

All applicants undergo an approval process to assess mutual fit.

HNW/UHNW individuals